Gummibärenbande. Gummibärchen gibt es nicht. Man kauft sie in Packungen an der Kinokasse. Dieser Kauf ist der Beginn einer fast erotischen und sehr ambivalenten Beziehung Gummibärchen-Mensch. Zuerst genießt man. Dieser Genuß umfasst alle Sinne.

An Inkling UseCase – The JACKY Story



The Guerilla Grandmas Young Illustrator "Jacky" shows how she integrates the Wacom Inkling into her workflow. I follow her on a tour through Cologne, looking for inspiration and sketching on the go for an Article for the Client Wacom and her "UseCase" Area.


Home sweet home


Jacky is an ambitious creative, slightly chaotic, coffee & cigarette addict and loves night shifts. The foundation for her actual style was a journey through Spain and the need to earn some money, what she did by selling her sketches in the streets.!


Auf dem weg zum Cafe "YO"


“I love Cologne with it’s small cafes, bars, parks & benches and the innumerable amount of lovely people. I can sit down in crowded streets, watch the people around me, hold talks and go just one street ahead where I find myself in a park full of street art on the walls.“




“Sketching on the go is a great thing – however sketching on the go is way greater, when the result of your sketches is a portable vector graphic. Though I additionally keep carrying a small bag of Eddings and markers with me.“




"Being on the go, surrounded by inspiration and at the same time let the creativity flow into a sketchbook – these moments seem to be perfect"